As part of the EDITH project, the ERA-EDTA Registry surveyed patients as well as nephrologists and kidney transplant surgeons about factors influencing the choice of treatment modalities for ESKD. Almost 8000 European dialysis and kidney transplant patients kindly completed the EDITH Kidney patient survey on treatment modality choice. In addition, more than 650 professionals from more than 30 European countries responded to the EDITH Nephrologist survey. The results from both the EDITH Kidney patient survey and the EDITH Nephrologist survey provide insight in factors influencing treatment modality choice by both patients and doctors. This valuable information could help to improve the access to different forms of dialysis, kidney transplantation and comprehensive conservative management in European countries.

Dr. Vianda Stel from the ERA-EDTA Registry will give a presentation on “Barriers for patients and nephrologists with respect to RRT modality choice” at the Scientific and Educational Interaction Day (SEID) in Vienna (at 25 and 26 October 2019). This presentation will be based on results of the EDITH project.

We would like to express our gratitude to all participants of the EDITH Kidney patient survey and EDITH Nephrologist survey. The ERA-EDTA Registry very much appreciates that patients, nephrologists and kidney transplant surgeons from almost all European countries shared their experience to improve ESKD care in Europe!