The Hungarian National Blood Transfusion Service (HNBTS) – Országos Vérellátó Szolgálat (OVSz) serves as national centralized provider of blood component products to the hospital sector in Hungary and is responsible for strategic planning, management, training and advisory activities in health policy decision making for the field of preparative and clinical transfusiology. The organization consists of 6 regional and 20 local institutions. The Organ Coordination Office (OCO) – Szervkoordinációs Iroda (SzI) as department of the OVSZ is responsible for all Hungarian organ and tissue procurement coordination from the cadaver donor report through the end of retrieval, in accordance with Governmental Decree 323/2006 (XII.23) by operating three levels of the transplant donor coordination network (national, organ procurement and hospital coordinators). Further, it is responsible for all the three main areas that were described in the Implementing Directive 2012/25/EU for cross-border exchange authorities: (1) Information on organ and donor characterisation, (2) Information on traceability of organs, (3) Reporting of serious adverse events and reactions.

OVSz participated in several EU funded projects in the field of organ donation and transplantation, such as DOPKI, MODE, COORENOR, ACCORD, FOEDUS. In three projects OVSZ lead the Dissemination work package (MODE, COORENOR and FOEDUS): webpage establishment and hosting, logo design, editing of publications: layman’s brochure, newsletters, distribution of publications and deliverables. All OVSZ’s colleagues are highly professionalized national coordinators for organ donation and well experienced in implementing European projects.

Országos Vérellátó Szolgálat – OVSZ