The Dutch Transplant Foundation is a Competent Authority according to European Directive 2010/45/EU. The foundation was set up to mediate in obtaining, characterizing and transporting organs as well as in assigning the organs to a suitable recipient.

The policy department of the Dutch Transplant Foundation also holds several registries for the follow-up. The Dutch registry for follow-up for recipients and donors (Nederlandse Orgaan Transplantatie Registry; NOTR) is developed and administered by the Dutch Transplant Foundation. The staff of the Dutch Transplant Foundation has experience and the capacity to set-up a (follow-up) registry. The Dutch Transplant Foundation has an extensive European network, which is important for the implementation and dissemination of this project. The DTF has experience in participating and being a WP-leader in European projects. The DTF was WP-leader from WP4 of the ACCORD project (Achieving Comprehensive Coordination in Organ Donation throughout the European Union), which ran from 2012 till 2015. The aim of this WP was: ‘to improve member states information systems on live organ donation through the provision of recommendations on the design and management of structured live donor registries and through setting down a model for supranational data sharing’. The work done is this WP relates and is relevant for this project.

The DTF is also WP-leader from an ongoing European project: The European Cornea and Cell Transplantation Registry (ECCTR). This project aims to ‘build a common assessment methodology and establish a European-wide platform and network for academics, health professionals and authorities to assess and verify the safety quality and efficacy of (new) human tissue transplantations and cell based therapies in ophthalmic surgery’. The profile of experience with building and administrating registries and the extensive experience in European projects fits this project well.