NHS Blood and Transplant is a Special Health Authority in England and Wales, accountable to the Department of Health. The organisation is responsible for the supply of safe blood to hospitals in England, and for the supply of tissues and solid organs to hospitals across the UK. Specific responsibilities include promoting blood, tissue and organ donation to the public, managing the supply of blood to hospitals in England, managing organ transplantation in the UK, managing the British Bone Marrow Register, and working with hospital colleagues to promote the safe and appropriate use of blood. In addition the organisation provides tissues and other services to hospitals, as well as the provision of a wide range of diagnostic services. Specific responsibilities in organ donation and transplantation include managing the list of patients registered to receive a solid organ transplant, providing a 24 hour service for the matching, allocation and transportation of organs, managing the UK Organ Donor Register, and maintaining the UK Transplant Registry of transplant outcomes, one of the foremost registries of its type in the world.

Involved in EDITH are the Associate Director of Statistics and Clinical Studies at NHS Blood and Transplant, the head of organ donation and transplantation studies and the principal statistician. NHSBT and the involved staff members in particular, have profound experience with European projects as well as with registry-based studies in organ donation and transplantation.


National Health Service Blood and Transplant – NHSBT