The National Institute of Health (ISS) is a public technical and scientific body of the Italian NHS, under the control of the Ministry of Health (MoH). ISS major activities include the management and coordination of research activities and it acts as consultant for the Ministry of Health, for the government and regions. Italian National Transplant Centre (CNT) is a technical body of the Ministry of Health, it was set up under the Law n. 91 of 1999 and it is located at the ISS where it performs its activities as a department of the same body.

CNT coordinates all activities regarding donation, allocation and transplantation of organs; donation, banking and transplantation of tissues; waiting lists of patients. It manages Transplant Information System which collect data regarding donation, allocation and transplantation of organ including transplanted organ quality, defines protocols about safety and security of organ donation and criteria for operational protocols for organ and tissue allocation, allocation of organs for urgencies and national programs. It fixes parameters for transplant quality assessment, promotes information campaigns for the general public, in collaboration with Italian MoH and patients’ Associations, promotes and develops training courses regarding organ donation.