//Ministarstvo zdravlja Republike Hrvatske – MoHRC

Ministarstvo zdravlja Republike Hrvatske – MoHRC

The Institute for Transplantations and Biomedicine (ITB) is an organizational unit of the Ministry of Health Croatia (MOHRC) that performs tasks of the Competent Authority in the field of SoHO (Substances of Human Origin). ITB mission is to ensure self-sufficiency and safety of SOHO for the purpose of medical treatment through:

  • Strategic planning, coordination and monitoring of:
    • National Transplantation Programme and National Blood Policy implementation
    • Organs (and tissues) allocation and international exchange (Eurotransplant)
  • Development and Management of:
    • National information system for organ donation and transplantation
    • National Registry of patients who received a transplant
    • National Registry of living organ donors
    • National Registry of objection for donation
    • National Bio-vigilance (Blood, Organs, Tissues and Cells)
  • Promotion of organ and tissue donations and transplantation in line with ethical principles
  • Data collection and reporting
  • Issuing Authorisation for SoHO institutions